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Jeffery the Ferret

Jeffery the Ferret

Thursday evening Dr. Hougentogler came looking for me.

He asked me if I'd like to adjust a ferret.

Well....  Yes!

Jeffery had gotten into trouble at home.

He fell out a second story window.


Jeffery's people brought him in to KVet to have a vet check him out.

After x-rays showed no fractures, Jeffery's people were excited to have an Animal Chiropractor take a look at him also.

As you can tell, Jeffery's chiropractic visit was fun.

I will check Jeffery again next week, and we will see how he is progressing.

No matter how large or small the spine is, chiropractic can be potentially beneficial.

In the case of a ferret, getting a joint still and ready to adjust can be a bit elusive.

But Jeffery surely left in better shape than he came in.

I am definitely looking forward to his next visit!


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