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  • Voodoo
    Recently, a long time client posted about my animal chiropractic work with her animals on her Facebook page. Another person left the one word comment, "Voodoo." Chiropractic is not voodoo, actually, but, Read more
  • Norm Rehab
    Lots of local dog people know Norm. He is a big personality with lots of energy. He's also a top agility athlete. Recently, Norm hurt his shoulder, which has kept him out of Read more
  • Kaiser
    The only part of rehab that Kaiser really seems to enjoy is the underwater treadmill. And he rocks it! At Kaiser's rehab visit two weeks ago, we did the underwater treadmill first. Then Read more
  • More about surgeries.
    We worked with Karlie previously when she injured her elbow. Now we are working with her again after she had knee (stifle) surgery at PVSEC in Pittsburgh. After this, maybe Karlie should Read more
  • Health is a process, not an event.
    I had an instructor years ago who taught that health is, indeed, a process, and not an event. He was right. Our bodies, and those of our four legged friends have ongoing Read more
  • Dr. Hougentogler's pet peeves
    Today's blog post is not about any one animal.  It's more about one of Dr. Hougentogler's frustrations. The picture of the animals are to keep it lively. About 10 days ago, Dr. Read more
  • Cami
    I love Cami and her intensely sweet eyes. Cami has been coming to us for pain in a back leg, and she is progressing with chiropractic care. Of course, that is great Read more
  • Charlie Brown
    How could you not love this face?! We've been working with Charlie Brown for a while now. He's had an interesting road in getting to where he is. Of course, Charlie Brown has Read more
  • Brrr! It's cold outside!
    Dogs were also, apparently, feeling the cold this last week. Kody came in sporting his new Star Wars jacket. He doesn't seem to mind wearing it, but he is not fond of Read more
  • Training Sessions
    Lots of our canine patients have rigorous (or not so rigorous) exercise schedules at home. That sometimes involves an organized activity, like Agility or Flyball. Sometimes it's less organized play at home. Often Read more

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