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  • Keeping a dog happy.
    I often see a dog (or any other animal, for that matter) when they can no longer do something that they previously did. I like to ask the people what their Read more
  • Thank you!
    Hey!  We all know that KVet is a pretty special place. Lately we've had the chance to share what we do with some other student practitioners. Over the last few weeks we've Read more
  • New Challenges
    Daisy doesn't even know that she is working on coordinating her hind leg with the opposite side front leg. She probably doesn't care, either, as long as the bites of hot Read more
  • Laser
    Our therapeutic laser is a Class IV laser, from Companion Laser. Companion Laser is made by LiteCure, makers of the same FDA approved machine for treating people. Class IV has to do Read more
  • Is surgery necessary?
    In a traditional veterinary practice, when a stifle (analogous to the human knee) injury is diagnosed, the most common recommendation in surgery. But, is surgery always necessary? At KVet we have lots Read more
  • Rest is also important.
    Rest from activity gives the body a chance to recover. Even when we do everything right, the body goes through some wear and tear. Rest gives the body a chance to set Read more
  • Another Rehab Demo
    Thank you to Westmoreland County Obedience Training Club for having us out to talk about Rehab. Stacey and I talked about the need for Rehab in the canine athlete. We covered activities Read more
  • Low Back Pain
    A lot of the things that we do in the vet's office have their origins in human health care.  (And though many human practitioners would not like to admit it, Read more
  • Pretzel
    This adorable girl is named Pretzel. She's been a patient at KVet since she was only a few months old. Originally, she came to see us with her rescue people because there Read more
  • Parakeet
    Wednesday evening, Dr. Hill came up to me with this little parakeet in his hand, and asked me if I'd take a look at it. At first I wasn't sure whether Read more

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