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K. Vet Animal Care is proud to offer care to all your exotic family friends. This includes small mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, etc.), snakes, lizards (nonvenomous), turtles, birds and pot belly pigs. We have the experience and the desire to keep all your family members healthy and happy.  We recommend new patient exams when you first bring the new pet home and yearly follow up exams to help establish a life full of health and happiness. Many issues that arise are due to of mistakes in husbandry. Many of the exotic species come from very different natural environments and climate zones than we have here in western Pennsylvania. Setting up the correct and species appropriate habitat is crucial for your new friend. 

Dr Hougentogler offers comprehensive wellness examinations as well as sick appointments. He is knowledgeable and experienced in exotic dental care, soft tissue surgery and internal medicine. At K.Vet we offer routine avian grooming. This includes beak trim, nail trim as well as feather trimming. We also perform routine and specialty blood work either in house or via our reference laboratories associated with renowned veterinary schools. K.Vet Animal care compassionately provides comprehensive exotic pet care for all your exotic family members. 

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