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  • Be Six Again.
    Anybody who has spent any amount of time with me in the office knows that I laugh heartily and frequently. This has been pointed out to me on many occasions. The only Read more
  • Ace does yoga too!
    Ace has been a chiropractic patient for some time. He has responded really well, and chiropractic helps keep him his family's happy companion. On a recent visit, I was talking to Ace's Read more
  • Wishing you and yours all the best!
    Alli usually comes in to see me wearing clothes made for her by her mom's aunt. What a great present! Several years ago a two legged patient of mine was aghast that Read more
  • A Family of Poms
    Some notes on a wonderful family of Pomeranians that are under Chiropractic care with me. This is Regina. She recently celebrated her 17th birthday! (With some help from her people.) A little over Read more
  • Sahara wins at nationals!
    Note that is says "CHAMPION"! I posted a blog about Sahara about a year ago, after she went to the Dock Diving Nationals in Florida. This year she qualified again, and they Read more
  • Teaching Again!
    This past weekend I was fortunate to be at The Healing Oasis in Wisconsin to teach the animal chiropractic students. Jake and I have worked together before! I think that we might Read more
  • Harley
    Harley graduated from rehab a little over a year ago. At that time she presented for an acute lameness (trouble walking). Several years before that Harley had surgery on her knee (stifle). Even Read more
  • Anubis
    Anubis has been busy lately! One of his fans suggested that I write a blog post about him. I asked his mom for some pictures and a synopsis. She was happy to Read more
  • Rehab Teamwork
    Saralynne working with Brutus. While it is true that each of the rehab technicians have their doggie fans, we make every effort to always work as a team. The rehab techs and Read more
  • Lilly
    Marianne and I said good bye to Lilly last week. She was our sweet companion for many years. In fact, it occurred to me that Lilly was part of my life longer Read more

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