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  • Picture
    I love this picture. Now I have to figure out a way that it makes sense in my blog! I was at a local barn on Friday evening. That's where I met Read more
  • Peaches
    Oh, Peaches! We had such a fun visit last week. That's two terrific visits in a row. Yeah! It certainly did not start out that way. I first saw Peaches in October, and she was Read more
  • Hard Decisions
    Last week a woman came in with her dog. I have been seeing this dog for some time, and she was gradually losing her strength and her drive. The day before the Read more
  • Bo gets another Blog!
    Bo had his own blog post a while ago, after his stifle (knee) surgery. Well, Bo's recovery didn't exactly proceed in a straight line. There were a couple of hiccups along the Read more
  • Be Six Again.
    Anybody who has spent any amount of time with me in the office knows that I laugh heartily and frequently. This has been pointed out to me on many occasions. The only Read more
  • Ace does yoga too!
    Ace has been a chiropractic patient for some time. He has responded really well, and chiropractic helps keep him his family's happy companion. On a recent visit, I was talking to Ace's Read more
  • Wishing you and yours all the best!
    Alli usually comes in to see me wearing clothes made for her by her mom's aunt. What a great present! Several years ago a two legged patient of mine was aghast that Read more
  • A Family of Poms
    Some notes on a wonderful family of Pomeranians that are under Chiropractic care with me. This is Regina. She recently celebrated her 17th birthday! (With some help from her people.) A little over Read more
  • Sahara wins at nationals!
    Note that is says "CHAMPION"! I posted a blog about Sahara about a year ago, after she went to the Dock Diving Nationals in Florida. This year she qualified again, and they Read more
  • Teaching Again!
    This past weekend I was fortunate to be at The Healing Oasis in Wisconsin to teach the animal chiropractic students. Jake and I have worked together before! I think that we might Read more

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