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This is one of mom's favorite pictures of Greyson.

Who could resist?

I have taken care of quite a few dogs in Greyson's family.

He might not know that.

But it has been amazing working with this family for most of the time that I have been at KVet.

Greyson's recent first visit is a great example of how our combined efforts help us help pets more than any one of us could alone.


Greyson's mom had scheduled a visit with me, because, as I mentioned, we have a long working relationship together.

She scheduled Greyson's first vet visit at KVet with Dr. Donohue, because they worked together several years ago when Dr. Donohue was at a veterinary office in White Oak.

Like many dogs, Greyson had come to see me for stiffness and discomfort.

During the course of the exam (Dr. Donohue and I were in the room together), we found out that Greyson has a history of occasional urinary incontinence.

There are certainly several ways that chiropractic can help someone who leaks urine or cannot control his urination.

I was interested to see what the x-rays would show.


The x-rays showed us that Greyson has a developmental abnormality in his lower spine (lumbar spine).

This abnormality is not at all common in dogs (akin to spina bifida in people).

In people it would certainly be consistent with difficulty fully controlling urination.

Dr. Donohue and I called in Dr. Konegger for a conversation about also including acupuncture in Greyson's care.

We made a plan, and discussed it with Greyson's mom.



Greyson got his first chiropractic adjustment. This will help him with his stiffness and discomfort.

It will also help with the neurologic control of his urinary tract. His chiropractic care will be specifically tailored to the spinal abnormality that we found on the x-rays.

As you can see in this picture, Greyson also had his first acupuncture treatment.

In many cases, Dr. Konegger and I have found acupuncture and chiropractic to be wonderful adjuncts to each other, helping the pet get the most complete healing possible.

Individually, neither Dr. Donohue, nor Dr. Konegger, nor I has all the tools that Greyson needs.

As a team, we have put together the best plan for Greyson.

I know that his mom is excited to see him improve.

We are too!


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