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I love people and their animals!

This is Hannah, one of the veterinary technicians at KVet.

I asked her for a picture for the blog, and, of course, she sent a picture of herself with her dog, Delilah.

Gotta love it!

Last week, I had the opportunity to have Hannah assist me in a chiropractic visit with a cat, Jasper.

Jasper had been in on Monday, after a very rough weekend at an emergency hospital for gastrointestinal (digestive) distress.

On Monday, Jasper saw Dr. Wong at KVet, and Dr. Wong brought me in as well.

On x-ray, we found advanced degenerative changes at the last disc space in Jasper's spine.

That could, certainly, have contributed to his distress.

Dr. Wong provided veterinary care and acupuncture for Jasper.

I adjusted his spine, and I also did some advanced chiropractic work to aid his digestion.

Hannah was in with me on Jasper's follow up visit on Thursday.

He was doing so much better that the owner commented, "Is it possible that he is so much better?"


What I did not tell you is that Jasper is 18 years old!

That's a pretty impressive turn around for our elderly friend.

I was again reminded at that follow up visit how good Hannah is with your animals.

She seems to really have a gift for making the cats feel more at ease in the office.

I had once mentioned this to her after she had been in on a visit with our cats.

I told her that my wife, Marianne, was very happy with how she had handled the cats.

Hannah's response was, "Of course! I treat them all like they are my own. I love them all."



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