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I know that Haley would not mind me using a picture of her.

We've been pals for a long time.

Haley comes up from Morgantown, WV to see me.

She likes to have the last appointment of the evening, so she knows that I might not be exactly on time by the end of the day.

She doesn't mind too much.

She knows that the time will ultimately be well spent.

I do, actually try to stay close to my schedule.

There are a lot of complicating factors that make that more challenging than you might think.

One day last week, I went out to the reception area to talk to a first time client.

I was a bit behind, and I wanted to let her know that it would likely be another 10-15 minutes before I got to her and her dog.

She seemed a bit miffed, and another client of mine volunteered, "He's worth waiting for."

I appreciate the complement, and the new person and her dog did ultimately have a good visit.

Here's what happened before that...

Two dogs that I see on a regular basis had come in, each had fallen down a set of stairs.

This calls for more than a routine visit.

After careful examination and discussion, both of those dogs needed x-rays.

These were services that were not scheduled, but were definitely necessary to provide the best care for each of those dogs.

(Happily, neither of those dogs showed anything broken on their films.)

Additionally, Dr. Donohue asked me to come look at a dog that we were seeing for the first time.

That dog was carried in on a stretcher, literally screaming in pain.

Again, not the way it had been scheduled, exactly, but still within the bounds of always trying to provide the best care at each visit.

(Happily, that dog is showing improvement. He walked in on his own on Saturday!)

Of course, the new client had no way of knowing any of this was going on.

She was worried about her dog.

That's the way it should be. No argument from me.

Over my years of practice, I have always tried to make each visit include what that patient needs at that moment.

Sometimes those visits don't take a lot of time.

Sometimes they run considerably over the previously anticipated amount of time.

That's okay.

You know that you have my complete focus during your visit.

My experience is, also, that sooner or later, almost everyone will be the one who needs that extra time.

Any they will get it!

Sometimes that may be inconvenient.

I know.

We will try to accommodate your needs the best we can.

Please, appreciate, that often I am behind because the care of someone else's beloved companion needed that time.


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