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Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) is an intense character.

She's intense about fun, about work, and about those she loves.

One of the reasons that I picked Ceilidh for this blog is that she has been a part of my practice at KVet nearly the entire time that I've been at KVet.

I started at KVet February 20-something in 2012.

Ceilidh and the rest of her crew started seeing me shortly after that.

Happy Anniversary to both of us!


Ceilidh's mom also thought that it would be interesting to share Ceilidh's story.

I thought about sharing Ceilidh's spinal x-rays here, but I'm not sure that they make a lot of sense to most people.

Please, accept, then, that her spine is full of arthritic changes (spondylosis).

In fact, she's the kind of dog that constantly inspires me.

In people, these kinds of spinal changes would often be experienced as stiffness, pain, and weakness.

If Ceilidh feels any of those things she is not letting on!

In people, these kinds of spinal changes limit what we can do.

Ceilidh does not seem inclined to limit herself.


In addition, Ceilidh has seizures. Again, that does not slow her down.

Maybe it's best that we not tell her.

Her spinal condition is well managed, and Ceilidh is in charge of her pack.

Her seizures are also well managed, thanks to her excellent veterinary care and her neurologist.

I'll refrain from telling you how infrequent her seizures are, so as not to jinx her!


Ceilidh's people have consistently given her every opportunity to thrive.

She is a happy and active member of her family.

Even at 14 years old, she can still really go!

I think that one of the reasons that dogs like Ceilidh do so well, is that they do not know that they are not "supposed" to be doing so well.

I hope that she never knows that!

I hope that she keeps right on going for a long time.

I'm pretty sure that that's what she and her people want too.


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