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Ammo and his person have made a big impression on the office, even though we have only worked together for a few weeks.

Ammo was in such agony the first time he came into KVet, that I have had several people ask me for updates.

He has also reminded me how completely I expect patients to respond to care.

Dr. Donohue and I were talking to another client a few days ago.

By way of recommendation, Dr. Donohue said, "I've seen Dr. Halden do amazing things. Ammo comes to mind."

I thanked her for the complement.

The funny thing is that as happy as I am for Ammo and his person that he is improving, I am always invested in patients responding well to care.


Back to Ammo's story.

Ammo was carried in on a stretcher not long ago.

He was literally screaming in pain.

After an exam with Dr. Donohue, x-rays, and an assessment by me, we developed a care plan for him, which included laser, chiropractic and medications.

For the first four days, Ammo came in for laser every day. He was just too painful for me to do a meaningful chiropractic adjustment on his injured neck.

After those four days, I did start working on Ammo chiropractically as well.

He is now walking into the office.

What a relief! No doubt for him and his person, but also for the people he has touched at KVet.

I think that we have a ways to go yet, but Ammo's response so far is very encouraging.


I wish I could tell you that every patient responds like this.

Most do, but, of course, not all.

For me, this moment was a great reminder of the great things that we are able to experience with people and their animals.

Sometimes, I look right passed it.

This time I'm glad I was reminded to stop and savor this moment.


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