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Seasons Change

I love spring time!

I enjoy watching my least favorite time of year (winter) wind down, and weather I enjoy much more start to take hold.

Just like the weather around us, we all go through different seasons of our lives.

This is true for our pets as well.

Over the last two or three weeks, I have worked with the vets at KVet on a handful of cases that are not improving the way that we had hoped.

It is important to remind ourselves that there are so many cases that go wonderfully.

And we do butt our heads up against the patients that are not responding the way we had hoped they would.

Several years ago, Dr. Konegger and I were doing a radio interview.

She and I agreed that as long as the pet is still breathing, we will come up with a treatment plan.

That is still true.

What is also true is that each of us, including our beloved companions, come to a season of life, where it is time for them to move on from this part of our existence.

We can delay that season, when that makes sense.

We can, certainly, help that change be better for the people and animals involved.

Yet, it is inevitable that we will all pass from this part of our experience. No one can change that.

With our pets it is so important that we be their advocates.

Since they rely on us for so much, it is critical that we put their needs first when we make decisions for them.

This is sometimes very difficult.

But it is such a great act of love to put another's needs ahead of our own.

And, again, the seasons will change.

Other animals will touch our lives.

And, I believe, eventually, we will see our departed friends again.

I'm not really sure why these were the thoughts that were on my mind so strongly this week.

I did want to share them with you.

There is never a limit on the love that our animals share with us.

And there can also be limitless ways for us to share our love with them.

Sometimes it's with sadness.

But mostly, it's with joy.

I am glad that I get to share in that love with you along your journey.


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