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As many of you know, I will no longer be at KVet on Saturdays.

For today's blog, I will share some pictures from this past Saturday, which was my last regularly scheduled Saturday at KVet.

Not to worry, though.

I will still be at KVet Tuesday through Friday, and every other Monday.

I'm sure we can find a time.

Remington was my last appointment of the day.

What a fun way to end any day!

You can see that her tail is blurry. That's because it never stops moving!


Meka was in for a reassessment, and to let me know that rehab is going great.

Of course, lots of people have asked me about this change in my schedule.


The chiropractor who adjusts me is a woman that I went to chiropractic college with.

She retired at the end of March.

I'm cutting back to 5 days a week!


Everyone likes to get adjusted.

Greyson was in for a follow up visit.

Darwin was along for the ride. (His visit is coming up on Wednesday.)


Sweet, little Bella gets adjusted regularly to keep her a fully active member of her family.

Most of the feedback that I've gotten has been support.

Thank you.

I enjoy reminders like this of the terrific people that I am fortunate to work with.

As many of you know, Saturdays at KVet can be exciting and busy.

I imagine that a few staff members may be okay with the idea that my schedule will take a little pressure off of that intensity.

We'll see...


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