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Chaos is the dog's name. Not a situation at the office.

This beautiful and sweet girl is a cane corso.

I have worked with other dog's in her extended family.

So, when Chaos showed evidence of weakness in her back legs, her mom brought her in to KVet for a consultation with me.

At her first visit, Dr. Donohue and I went in together to examine and assess Chaos.

It was quickly evident that she has very bad hips and stifles (knees).

So, the next step was to take x-rays of her hips and stifles (knees).

Well, it's always good to get the x-rays of the compromised body parts before we start care.

Chaos has even worse hips than we thought.

Dr. Donohue's comment was, "How does this dog walk?"

And, surprisingly, her knees (stifles) were clean on the films.

That does not mean that her knees (stifles) are good. Clearly, they are severely compromised functionally.

It does mean, though, that the problems with the hips are likely life long, and definitely top on the list.

As Dr. Donohue and I were discussing treatment options, Dr. Hougentogler was asked for an opinion.

He suggested that Chaos was an excellent candidate for PRP.

(Okay. Really, he struck a cheerleader pose, and exclaimed, "Pro Stride!"

Pro Stride is the company whose equipment and protocol KVet uses for PRP.)


PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma.

In the procedure, some blood will be taken from Chaos.

It will then be processed in house for about 30 minutes.

Then the serum that is rich in cells called platelets will be injected back into the compromised joints.

For Chaos, Dr. Hougentogler will inject the PRP into both hips and both knees (stifles).

What happens then is that the platelets facilitate the initiation of inflammation.


Yes, inflammation.

For the first 2-4 weeks of the inflammatory response, inflammation sets up all the necessary conditions for healing.

It is the chronic inflammation that causes problems.

Chaos will have her PRP treatment in the next few days.

Then Dr. Donohue and I will see her again 3-4 weeks later.

Based on her response to the PRP, we will then develop a treatment plan for supporting Chaos long term.

It has always been my feeling that one of the strengths of the KVet approach to care is that we really do work as a team.

For Chaos, she has already benefited from the cooperation of two of the KVet veterinarians, as well as my input.

Everyone is focused on getting Chaos as well as she can be.

And, that's what really matters most.


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