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On her graduation day from Rehab, Abbie chose to sport her bandana.

A very talented KVet client makes those for us, and only Rehab graduates get one.

I don't have one!

I have taken care of Abbie for many years. She's been a faithful Chiropractic patient.

Her housemate, Brady, is also a long time Chiropractic patient.

They, along with their dedicated person, are definitely office favorites!

A little over 3 months ago, Abbie came in for a new injury.

It didn't look good for her knee (stifle).

I had Dr. Hougentogler look at her as well, since he is our surgeon for knee (stifle) repairs.

His comment was, "Was she born with an ACL?"

Abby had torn the ligament on the front side of her knee (stifle) so badly that she had lost all support.

In people this ligament is called the ACL. In dogs, it is called the cranial cruciate ligament, but calling it that does not help us communicate with most owners.


Abbie's person was, of course, upset to hear about her girl's injury.

However, there was no hesitation in scheduling the needed surgery.

Dr. Hougentogler and I have developed an excellent program for surgical repair and rehabilitation of injuries like Abby's.

Abby was in the best of hands.

Abbie was an absolute superstar in Rehab!

I know that our Rehab technicians (Stacey, Saralynne and Kelsie) are all happy that Abby has graduated.

They will also miss seeing her at the Cabin.


Abbie's mom is thrilled with how her almost 13 year old buddy did in recovery.

She credits, "a wonderful surgeon, chiropractor and amazing rehab therapists."

She was impressed with the many tasks that her dog could accomplish (with the right guidance) at her Rehab visits.

I've even heard that Abbie is looking forward to walking around again in the nicer weather.

As much as Abbie's person is happy with the work that we were able to do with Abbie, we are all thrilled to have been part of this journey.


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