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This is Rayna on graduation day, holding tightly to her favorite toy monkey.

That toy monkey is what motivated Rayna to do so well at rehab.

And, everyone who accomplishes their rehab goals, gets a graduation day!

(Thank you to Stacey and Saralynne for that great idea!)

If you come down to the Cabin to see us, you will see our wall full of graduation pictures.

Rayna actually graduated from Rehab about 6 weeks ago.

I recently saw her for a recheck, and she is continuing to do great!


Rayna was not doing great when I first saw her.

Over the winter, Rayna had an injury to her spinal cord in her low back.

This diagnosis was provided by her neurologist.

Rayna had lost the use of her back legs.

Rayna's mom took her to the neurology department at PVSEC, and there they did a full assessment of her.

Rayna's neurologist referred them to us for Rehab to recover from this injury.

We have the most complete Rehab facility in our area.

We also have several years of experience in veterinary Rehabilitation.

And, of course, we have the best people

Rayna's recovery has been terrific.

In fact, her recovery has exceeded the hopes of her mom.

Our approach to Rehabilitation is based on proven neurological principles.

This opens the door for us to help pets with all kinds of problems.

If you are curious about whether Rehab might be helpful for your animal's condition, please, feel free to reach out to Dr. Halden (me).

Rayna thinks you should!


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