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Daisy's Rehab Meeting


How many rehab people does it take to walk a dog in the underwater treadmill???

About once a month we have a meeting for me (Dr. Halden) and the rehab technicians (Stacey, Saralynne and Kelsie).

I've heard that my meetings are good ones!

We use this time to talk about our current patients and resolve issues or concerns.

We also do our share of gabbing, and recently, I started bringing breakfast.

We also use this time to teach each other and usually practice some skill or technique.

For this part, we often invite a dog to join us.

Usually that's a staff member's dog.

This past week it was Daisy.


Daisy is a beautiful black lab who had a very difficult week.

Monday she lost the strength in her back legs.

Since I have been Daisy's chiropractor for some time, Daisy's mom called me to discuss what was going on.

Happily, the emergency vet cleared Daisy for any really scary pathology.

Tuesday morning, she was in to see me.

After a thorough assessment, new x-rays and a chiropractic adjustment, we decided that rehab would be a good piece to add to Daisy's care.

When a patient shows significant neurological compromise, I like to do the initial visit or visits myself.

This gives me the opportunity to do more functional assessment while doing the treatment.

Since we had the rehab team meeting already scheduled, it was a good opportunity for all of us to work with Daisy and improve everyone's outcomes.


I think everyone enjoyed it!

We all definitely enjoy working together and helping our patients.

Daisy liked the attention and treats.

And, I think Daisy's mom enjoyed all the attention her girl was getting.

One thing that we all have in common in rehab is our passion for the work we are doing.

Helping animals and their people recover in ways they may not have thought possible is an amazing experience.

Now we get to travel that road with Daisy and her people too!


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