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Otter first came to see me at about 6 months old.

Like all new patients at KVet, Otter first saw one of our veterinarians.

Otter's family is partial to Dr. Konegger. Again, it's a family we have been working with for a long time.

We very rarely need x-rays on a patient this young, who does not have a presenting complaint or issue.

I am, however, still not a veterinarian, and a thorough veterinary check is required.


I have several fun pictures of Otter. (Otter is a lot of fun!)

I was just partial to this picture of him helping me enter my notes.

Otter has had some challenges in his young life, and coordinated care with Dr. Konegger has really helped him thrive.


Holstein also chose a very active and busy dog family.

(Originally, they were going to call him Moo because of his bovine like markings. They just could not imagine running around calling that name!)

Several members of Holstein's immediate and extended families are chiropractic and rehab patients.

We help keep everyone involved and successful at their chosen sports.


Holstein's people wanted to make sure that they gave him every chance to be successful for as long as possible.

Looks like we are doing well so far.


With my own pets and children, I have checked them all immediately when they came into my world.

Some needed to be adjusted. Some did not.

A chiropractic assessment is the only way to know.

Please, let me know if you have any questions about the appropriateness of chiropractic for your companion.


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