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Whisper has been a chiropractic patient of mine since I began at K. Vet in early 2012.

He's been a veterinary patient of Dr. Konegger's longer than that.

Initially, I saw Whisper for trouble he was having with his knees (stifles).

That particular issue resolved a long time ago.

As time has gone by, this feisty guy has actually mellowed a bit.

At least, he's not trying to bite me anymore.

But now that he is an older gent, he has developed more health problems.

And as he has aged and changed, his needs for care have also changed.

Fortunately, with the many care options that we can offer him, we have been able to meet Whisper's changing needs.

He is now seeing me more frequently for chiropractic and laser.

A while back we added massage with Stacey, to which he has responded really well!

He has also become a regular acupuncture patient with Dr. Konegger.

She also keeps all of this coordinated with his changing medication needs.

This coordinated care is what Whisper currently needs to meet the demands of being 17.

Fortunately for Whisper, his mom gets him the best care that we can offer him.

Fortunately for us, we get to be part of his journey.

Hopefully, for a long time to come.


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