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Pretzel & Joe


Pretzel (left) and Joe (right) waiting to see me on a recent visit.

(I think that I wrote about Pretzel some time ago.)

I've seen Pretzel for a long time.

When she was just a kitten, her rescue organization brought her in to KVet for some care.

We found that she was missing a bone (radius) in her right front leg.

Not that that slows her down!

She has adapted well to her life, and she fully participates in the life of her family.

Joe joined the family more recently.

He was adopted from the same rescue.

Mom figured since I had helped out her one kitty with a bad leg, I could help her with another.

It didn't work out exactly that way.

Joe's back leg was so poorly formed that Dr. Konegger recommended removing it.

And that's what was done.

Joe and Pretzel's person will tell you that Joe moves much better without the leg than he ever did with it.

He has happily joined this busy family.

To keep everyone happy, healthy, and moving as well as possible, Joe and Pretzel come in for regular chiropractic visits.

I see Pretzel every 4 weeks, and Joe every 8 weeks.

It's always a fun visit!

I appreciate Joe and Pretzel's person, who is so dedicated to her feline companions.

I'm looking forward to many happy and healthy years together.


And, here is a picture of Pretzel as a little kitten.


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