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I know that K. Vet shared Meka's graduation picture on their Facebook page on Thursday.

Did you notice all of the blankets behind her?

Usually blankets covering the floor of the rehab space is not part of the treatment.

However, Meka would not walk on the rehab stability props unless they were covered.

If they were covered, she is a champ.


Uncovered, this is what was behind our girl, Meka!

(I'd share video of her conquering this obstacle course, but we are unable to imbed video in the blog posts.)

She did amazing on her graduation day!

She went hopping and walking and jumping around this course that Stacey set up for her.


I actually saw Meka at the main building right before this rehab session.

During that reassessment, Meka's mom shared with me that they did not think that Meka would ever walk again.

That was just about 4 months ago.

Now she is doing great!

Not only physically great, but Meka's personality has also returned.

Her people are very happy.

After the reassessment, I called Stacey at the Cabin (where we do our rehab visits), and gave her an update on how Meka is doing.

I also told her, "Feel free to have some fun with this visit."

She clearly took that to heart!

We'll check Meka again in a couple of months to see how she is doing.


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