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It's not just a stifle.


A dog's knee is called a stifle.

We help lots of dogs with stifle injuries.

Not only are these types of injuries common, but we offer lots of options for the care and recovery of a dog with a stifle injury.

Sometime without surgery.


When my dog, Sage, blew out his stifle, there was no question about whether he needed surgery.

So, at 2 1/2 years old he had stifle surgery.

That would have been about 12 or 13 years ago.

While we had no problem finding a surgeon, nobody was around to do the rehab.

So we put together our own rehab program that we did 3 times a day for 8 weeks.

At the time, the surgeon was amazed at the progress that Sage made during his recovery.


By the time that Sally injured her stifle, we had a lot more knowledge, training and experience in guiding the recovery through rehab.

Sally's recovery was fantastic, and she has stayed well for several years now.


Here, Sofie is working with Saralynne in rehab.

I always try to cater each patient's rehab to their specific needs and goals.

I was reminded recently how this kind of injury really disrupts the dog's life and his relationship with his family.

Not being able to initiate play, or having to be carried up the stairs, or not feeling well enough to interact fully with the family, all change the family's experience.

Helping them through the recovery is also helping a family get its rhythm back.

It's more than just a stifle.

It's getting a family's life back to where they want it to be.


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