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I have had the good fortune of working with Bo's family for a long time, with several dogs.

Bo came into my experience recently when he needed surgery on his knee (stifle).

It's never good news when you need orthopedic surgery.

However, there was good news for Bo and his people.

Dr. Hougentogler has worked diligently to add another surgical technique to his skill set.

Previously, KVet sent larger dogs elsewhere for knee (stifle) surgery.

Dr. Hougentogler is now able to accommodate the needs of these larger dogs.


I think that Bo and Kelsey are enjoying his recovery from this surgery.

The technique is called Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP), and it is similar to the more traditional TPLO and TTA stifle surgery techniques.

It allows Dr. Hougentogler to create a more stable correction for the larger dogs (over 40-50 pounds).

As we do the rehab, then, we are able to build a sturdier, more resilient joint for long term well being.

Bo was one of the first group of dogs to undergo this surgery at KVet.


Kelsey tells me that Bo's preferred order of activities is take treat, do activity, lick Kelsey's face. Repeat.

At least we are getting some work done!


Dr. Hougentogler and I were very tempted to include an x-ray here and some technical discussion of the procedure.

I nixed that idea.

My experience has been that everyone just wants the cute pictures of the animals!

So, here they are.

Bo and the other early recipients of MMP surgery at KVet are coming along very well.

We are looking forward to getting everyone back to a long life, fully engaged with their families!


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