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Anubis has been busy lately!

One of his fans suggested that I write a blog post about him.

I asked his mom for some pictures and a synopsis. She was happy to help out.

I admit that when a dog that I care for excels in their chosen sport, I do feel some special attachment.

Yeah for Anubis and his very dedicated person.

Much of what follows was written by Anubis' mom. He does not type well. (I did make some edits.)


Anubis and I traveled around the country, competing in various national level events this fall.

Along the way we got to hike at some awesome places, including a trip to the beach!


First we went to Colorado to compete in German Shepherd Nationals.

Anubis qualified in seven out of eight runs and ended up earning High inTrial German Shepherd.

(That means he won!!!)

Next we went to Tennessee to compete in Cynosport, which is USDAA’s national event.

Anubis had a great showing but didn’t make finals in any of the events.

Next, we went the UKI US Open in Florida.

Anubis made finals in three of four events.

There were about 60 dogs in the 24 inch jump class, and Anubis finished first In the national championship!

(That means he won again!!!)


I never thought that he and I could stand on a podium at a major event like this, but we pulled it together, and won the whole thing.

Our final major event is this weekend in Latrobe, trying to earn a spot on to the USA European open team.

I couldn’t be more proud of how Anubis handled all of the big competitions since he is only three, but he gives it his all each time that we step to the line.


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