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A Family of Poms


Some notes on a wonderful family of Pomeranians that are under Chiropractic care with me.

This is Regina.

She recently celebrated her 17th birthday! (With some help from her people.)

A little over a year ago Regina dislocated her hip.

(There was a blog about that then.)

And that was her good hip!

She'd had surgery on the other hip years before.

Now, here she is walking the woods in Georgia.

She's an amazing little girl with a really big spirit.

Chiropractic and laser have certainly helped keep her going.


Chester took this family to Florida for the Dock Diving Nationals.

You can see he did well!

In fact, he came in second place in his division.

I guess it was worth the trip.

(Unfortunately, the picture I have of Chester actually Dock Diving was blurry. Really cute though!)


Paige is the middle child in this picture.

Paige sees me primarily for her respiratory challenges.

Her coughing subsides and her breathing improves with monthly Chiropractic visits.

Though, she rarely says thank you.

She's too tough for that.

I think she must appreciate the support.

This group of Poms sees me monthly.

I am able to support each of them in their needs, even though they each require something different.

It is a joy for me to be part of their journey with their very dedicated people.


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