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Hard Decisions


Last week a woman came in with her dog.

I have been seeing this dog for some time, and she was gradually losing her strength and her drive.

The day before the visit, I had traded several text messages with this woman.

In her words, her dog was, "tired."

The hardest thing that I am asked to do at KVet is to help people decide when is the right time to say good bye to a beloved companion.


Of course, since I am not a veterinarian this is not, strictly speaking, within my scope of practice.

However, there are many people who bring their animals to KVet primarily to see me.

Additionally, even if they are seeing a KVet veterinarian for their primary care, they may see me the most often late in a pet's life.

Either way, I feel that if someone trusts me enough to invite me into this terrifically difficult decision, I have a responsibility to honor that invitation.

With love.

Please, do not misunderstand. I do not pretend to be a veterinarian, and the ultimate decision cannot be made without consulting the vet.

It is for me part of our understanding. Our contract.

Together we have entered into an agreement to do what is best for your companion.

We both love that companion.

If you are struggling for the support to know if the road has ended for now, I am honored that you feel that I can assist you in this part of the journey.

It is emotional for me too.

Not like it is for you. But I am trying to be there with you.

One of the things that I have learned in my time at KVet is that saying good bye is sometimes the kindest thing we can do.


Yet awful.

Please accept my love and concern at this difficult turn.

It will be time to leave practice if this part ever gets easy.


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