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I love this picture.

Now I have to figure out a way that it makes sense in my blog!

I was at a local barn on Friday evening. That's where I met this little guy. He was born Thursday night.

I hope to see him again next month when I return to that barn.

I am not the only doctor at K. Vet who sees animals that are not dogs or cats.

When I first started at K. Vet, Dr. Konegger and I even found some time to got to barns together!

Life has gotten too busy for that kind of coordinated schedule outside the office though.

Certainly, I have posted in my blog any number of times about animals that I have seen that are exotics (Read: "Not dogs. Not cats.").

Dr. Hougentogler and Dr. Martinek are both very happy to see your exotic pets.

Dr. Hougentogler just referred a bearded dragon for laser. (Hopefully, that will be a blog post very soon!)

Dr. Martinek has exotic pets of her own and is anxious to incorporate that passion into her work at K. Vet.

Part of the joy of every day is the variety of opportunities that present themselves.

One of the lessons that I have learned at K. Vet is that people find room in their hearts for all kinds of animals.

It is a treat and an honor to be invited into that space with them.


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