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Teaching & Training

Teaching & Training

As many of you know, I was away teaching at The Healing Oasis in Wisconsin last weekend.

I travel several times a year to teach other animal chiropractors.

Next weekend, I will be presenting at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association meeting, and Dr. Konegger will be teaching at the Chi Institute.

We feel strongly that it is critical for practitioners to be fully trained and appropriately certified in the techniques that they provide.

We want you to know that our preparation is rigorous and ongoing.

We also want to help other practitioners to be equally well prepared to provide excellent care.

This particular topic has been on my mind because it came up in conversation during a recent lecture.

There are practitioners (at least two in our area) who spend a few hours over a weekend, and feel prepared to take care of your animals.

There is no way that this can compare to the hundreds of hours that are required to fully prepare to provide proper chiropractic care for animals.

In my opinion, skipping proper training and certification also shows a lack of respect for the patient (your pet) and for chiropractic.

I could venture to say the same would apply to acupuncture. 

Thank you for indulging us the time away from the practice.

We are often helping other doctors prepare to provide the level of care that I hope you expect from us.


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