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Last week we recorded a new video.

Look for it coming to the KVet reception area soon!

In that video, Dr. Konegger, Dr. Hougentogler and I talked about the collaborative nature of the practice at KVet.

Lots of practices like to talk about integrative care.  We really like how collaborative describes the work that we do.

I've written in my blog many times about the animals that have received attention from several practitioners at KVet, inorder find the right balance of treatment options to get the best outcome.

Also last week, our cat, Sugar Bear, came in to KVet to see Dr. Donohue.  Okay, primarily Marianne's cat.  He is so her cat!


Dr. Donohoue found some serious issues with Sugar Bear.

In addition to some long term issues with skin and allergies, she did blood work that found serious liver issues.

Dr. Donohue discussed these findings with me before Marianne knew about them.

Then before calling Marianne with treatment options, Dr. Donohue discussed Chinese medicine options with Dr. Konegger and diagnostic ultrasound options with Dr. Hougentogler.

Only after getting all this input, did Dr. Donohue call Marianne to discuss the case.

By the way, that phone call came at around 5pm on Saturday.

Patient hours finished around noon.

We are still deciding on the best course of action for our friend, but we are grateful to work with a truly collaborative team of talented providers.


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