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Sierra has done so well with chiropractic and acupuncture.

As you can tell from the picture, Sierra is not the happiest pup at KVet.

Dr. Konegger and I have definitely enjoyed the opportunity that Sierra's mom has given us to work together.

Ultimately, I hope, Sierra is happy about it too, because she is doing so much better.

When we started working with Sierra, she was having frequent episodes of difficulty breathing.

An x-ray confirmed that her trachea (the tube that takes air to and from the lungs) had collapsed.

We developed a treatment plan for Sierra that focused on traditional Chinese veterinary medicine and chiropractic care.

Treatments started out weekly, and have spaced out as Sierra has shown improvement.

She is now doing really well!

Currently, Sierra is coming to see me for chiropractic every three weeks, and sees Dr. Konegger every six weeks for acupuncture.

In between visits, there is little to no difficulty breathing.

Several years ago, there was a human chiropractic study that found that breathing was one of the most improved body functions with chiropractic care.

I'm sure that Sierra does not care about that.

I'm sure that she does enjoy being able to better be an active member of her family!


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