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My New Puppy, Benny

My new Puppy, Benny

So, is it cheating if I write a blog featuring my new puppy?

I don't know. 

But here goes!

Like any new dad, I couldn't be prouder of this new addition to our family.

Of course, when we found him at Pet Adoption League in Yukon, I did my best to check him over for any potential problem areas.

I can tell you that his spine and major joints are good.  He moves and sits very nicely.

And, well, he's adorable!

But I am not a veterinarian.

Okay.  These ladies aren't veterinarians either, but they were a great welcoming committee for Benny's first visit to KVet.

Like all new adopters, I want to hear that my puppy is perfect.

Isn't he?

He met lots of people who seemed to think so.

Importantly, though, Dr. Hougentogler gave Benny a thorough exam.

Checking out this new patient in ways that the veterinarian is uniquely qualified to provide.

Each new pet and each family have particular needs and wants for their care.

It is often some combination of traditional veterinary care and complimentary care at KVet.

That first vet visit can really help set the best plan in motion to address those individual needs and preferences.

As it turns out, Benny brought some friends home with him in his intestines.


We are now treating those parasites appropriately.

In a couple of weeks we'll follow up again.  This time with Dr. Konegger.

Everyone wants to meet our new addition!

(At least, I think so.)

My wife, Marianne, and I are very happy that we have the community of providers at KVet to help us keep Benny as healthy as possible for as long as possible.


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