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Mowgli Rocks Rehab!

Mowgli Rocks Rehab!

Everyone who has worked with Mowgli in rehab thinks he is really cool!

Here he is working on the wobble board with Saralynne.

We certainly have not seen a lot of Chinese Cresteds in rehab.

I am surprised and impressed at what a solid dog Mowgli really is.

Mowgli is strong, well muscled, and athletic.

All surprises to me, but true!

Mowgli's mom brought him to KVet originally for chiropractic, to help support him in his agility career.

She'd heard from a friend that I do good work.

Mowgli has responded really well to chiropractic, and he has collected a lot of agility ribbons.

What has persisted is a slight asymmetry between his right and left rump. (I was looking for a nice word. Not too technical!)

After a couple of months of weekly rehab, Mowgli was balanced, strong, and ready to go.

After a month off to see how he did, Mowgli's mom and I agreed that Mowgli does better with the supportive rehab visits.  We are starting back with every other week.

I know that this picture is a little blurry, but it really shows the ways that we can come up with to challenge whatever needs an animal might have.

For Mowgli, it is cross training for a well tuned athlete.

We love finding ways to keep animals engaged and progressing to keep them in tune with their activities and their people.


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