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Tank is loving his massage!

You may not know this, but Stacey is certified in massage for animals.

In addition to being integrally involved in the rehab visits, Stacey has been providing massages to animals at KVet for about 2 years.

Massage from a properly trained professional can provide many health benefits.

Massage can stimulate better blood flow (which helps healing), help drain lymph from injured areas (more healing), and relieve pain and tension from less active muscles.

The movement provided by massage not only helps create more freedom and comfort in the recipient, but helps to decrease pain.

In veterinary rehab, massage is often an integral part of the recovery process.

Angel is not able to move the way most other dogs do.

That does not stop her from being a feisty part of her family's life.

Regular massage helps keep her muscles and joints limber and moving.

Massage for Angel also complements her chiropractic and acupuncture care in keeping her healthy and in less pain.

Kody is an amazing guy!

Like Angel, Kody finds that his massages work well with the other care he receives at KVet.

He stays active and strong with chiropractic, acupuncture, as well as rehab and massage.

If you see him, please do not tell him how old he is.  He is feeling young, and we want to keep him that way.

Dr. Konegger and Dr. Halden also have massage training.  Either of us can help you decide if massage with Stacey might benefit your pet.

Of course, if you see Stacey, she would love to talk to you about it too!


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