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I think that Will would tell you that coming to KVet to get adjusted is amazing fun!

Clearly, I enjoy his visits also.

On the day that we took these pictures last week, Will beat me to the chiropractic room and got up on the bale.

Now he is just waiting to be adjusted.

As many KVet clients have observed, many of the dogs who come to see me for chiropractic care just can't wait to get back to the room where I work.

For Will, and several other dogs, that begins as soon as the car gets close to KVet.  (Will's mom tells me he gets fired up at the mention of my name!)

Few of us can rival Will's enthusiasm, but lots of my four legged patients are excited to have their visits with me.

By design, the hallway that has the chiropractic room also is home to the two acupuncture rooms.  (Thank you, Dr. Konegger!)

Traditional veterinary care happens in the other hallway in the office, and, boy, don't the pets know that.

I've always figured that the pets have good reason to look forward to seeing me.

They'll get some loving.

They'll get adjusted.

They will leave feeling better than when they came in.

And, I always have treats!

What could be better than that?!


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