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Tequila would have been 8 years old at the end of June.

Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly a little over a week ago.

It is startling how these amazing companions can be integral parts of our lives one day, and gone in the blink of an eye.

We are truly blessed by each day we get to spend together.

I was fortunate to have Tequila as a chiropractic patient for the last four years.

He and his housemates were frequently seen at KVet for chiropractic.

In the words of his person, Lynn, Tequila "loved coming to KVet --- as long as he went down the Eastern hallway and not the regular hallway."

At home, Tequila's family described him as "the life of the party."

At the office, Tequila had an amazing lesson to teach us.

Early in our work with Tequila, Dr. Konegger and I found that he did not always respond the way that we expected.

We found that he was switched.

This idea comes from the Applied Kinesiology work that I do.  We were still in the early stages of translating all of my human experience to application in animals.

Switching is basically neurologic dysorganization.  The left and right sides of the brain and body do not communicate the way that we expect.

Then, when we assess the patient for chiropractic (by muscle testing) or acupuncture, the picture that the body gives us is not always clear or reliable.

Tequila was the first dog we found this in.

And, boy, what a difference clearing the switching made for him!

This lesson benefited Tequila throughout his time with us.

It will make an enduring difference in our practice and in what I teach my animal chiropractic students.

I know that there are lots of lives that Tequila will continue to touch.

Thanks, sweet boy.


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