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Dr. Deborah Donohue, VMD

Welcome, Dr. Donohue!

Dr. Donohue joined the KVet team in May.

Many of you have already met her in the office.

Dr. Donohue grew up in central Pennsylvania.

She has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Montana.

Her veterinary degree is also from the University of Pennsylvania. 

She'll fit right in with the doctors at KVet who thrive on furthering their education.

She's had work stops along the way in Syracuse, New York, as well as "the middle of nowhere" in upstate New York, and veterinary practices in our area.

Some current KVet clients have commented that they remember Dr. Donohue fondly from other offices in our area, and they are happy to have her at KVet.

Dr. Donohue seems to be fitting into the flow of things at KVet very nicely.

Of course, there is occasionally life outside the office.

For Dr. Donohue she enjoys that time with her husband, 3 children ("when she can get them all in the same place"), 2 dogs and 2 cats.

She also enjoys reading, playing board games with friends, learning, spending time outdoors, and running (which she recently started again).

Only the one picture, though. 

Dr. Donohue tells me that she usually takes the pictures in her family.

But the one picture is a good one.


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