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Bens Come A Long Way!

Ben has come a long way since starting rehab with us.

He's been with us now for a couple of years.

When Ben first came to us, he was not quite sure that what we had in mind matched what he had in mind.But with lots of work, abundant patience, and a ton of help from his person, Linda, Ben has come to be a very successful member of our rehab practice.

In rehab Ben has formed a special bond with Stacey.

Here he is climbing a very challenging series of stability obstacles.

This helps him build strength, balance, and coordination.

And... some trust.

When Ben comes in to see us, he also has chiropractic appointments with Dr. Halden, and acupuncture appointments with Dr. Konegger.

All this work not only keeps Ben fit, but it keeps him developing his joints, muscles, strength and nervous system in an ideal way.

It also keeps Ben active in his many pursuits.

He's a busy guy!

Ben does agility and loves scent work.  He spends a lot of time with Linda, and they love to hike the woods.

It is an ongoing pleasure for us to work with Ben and Linda.

We enjoy being able to share in the many facets of Ben's continuing development as a wonderful companion and competitor.

I'm sure everyone involved is looking forward to a nice, long cooperative relationship.

We love you, Ben!


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