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Gym Membership

Gina is clearly mugging for the camera in her rehab graduation picture!

Graduation is not the end of rehab visits for lots of dogs, like Gina.

Rather, it is the beginning of another phase of care.

If you've been to the Cabin on South Main Street lately, you've seen lots of graduation pictures, like Gina's.

These are pets that have recovered from whatever injury, surgery or problem that brought them to us in the first place.

Now, we enter their use of rehab for supportive care.

Bumble Bee can be found at the Cabin for a rehab visit every couple of weeks.

In his visits now, we help him keep up with the progress he made initially.

Since the visits are farther apart, we can work a little harder.

Each visit is designed in accordance with Dr. Halden's treatment plan for that particular patient.

We often can use these visits to also target specific activities that are important in an individual animal's life.

In Charlie Brown's case his ongoing care is indicated by the surgery he had as a puppy.

Now that he is rocking his life, we want to keep him fit and active and doing the things that he loves.

Tank keeps himself happy and ornery with regular chiropractic visits and rehab workouts at the Cabin.

The rehab techs and I refer to these types of visits as a gym membership.

In the long term interest of the pet, a care plan is developed.  Then at each visit specific activities are directed and executed to help that particular animal enjoy their highest possible quality of life.

Of course, we are happy to develop these long term relationships with the animals we've come to love.

We are also grateful to people who love these animals enough to trust their care to us.

It's the best kind of relationship.  Everybody wins!


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