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Demeirikit Trains Us

Demeirikit.  Gosh, I hope I spelled that right.

She is a spunky 16 year old.

Her person is Saralynne, a vet tech at KVet.

At our rehab team meeting last week, Demeirikit helped train us.

About once a month, I meet with the technicians who do most of the rehab visits, Stacey and Saralynne.

At out last meeting we had Kelsie with us, since she will soon be helping you and your animals with some of the rehab visits.

Demeirikit came along to help us help Kelsie learn how we do things in the rehab practice.

Demeirikit was an awesome teacher.

It's interesting that not all dogs have been equally interested in teaching new technicians.

Demeirikit certainly rose to the occasion.

She did everything that was asked of her.  Sometimes several times.

And without complaint.  (Okay.  Without much complaint.)

As the rehab practice has grown we have added more hours to the schedule.

Now, with another person on board, we will be able to offer more available time slots.

Unfortunately, not all appointments can be at 6pm!

Not only are we seeing more patients in rehab, but our scope is broadening as well.

Of course, we help patients recover from injury and surgery.

We also help active and athletic dogs perform at their best.

And we have several patients that come to us for ongoing, supportive care.  We are their gym membership, complete with skilled personal trainers. 

If you ever have any questions about whether rehab would be appropriate for your animal's care, please, contact me.

I'll be happy to discuss your case with you. 

Demeirikit was good enough to work with us for over an hour.

This is how I imagine she spent the rest of her day!


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