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Haley has lots of ways that she likes to have fun on the weekend!

And, again, I have shamelessly used a cute dog picture to get you to read my blog.

If you've gotten this far, indulge me, and read the rest.

This weekend I spent part of Sunday afternoon at KVet, finishing up on some charts.

You've likely never seen the front desk this quiet.

I'm not the only one known to be found at KVet after hours, catching up on something.

There is so much that goes on at KVet during the week, that sometimes this is the only time to sit quietly and get caught up.

This is the area where lots of the care that you don't see takes place.

It looks so quiet on a Sunday afternoon.

Usually it is bustling with people and animals.

Not only are lots of services provided for your pet here, but it is really at a crossroads in the office.

Someone is always passing through.

There was some conversation in the office this week about what it costs to see the vet.

As a human practitioner, as well, I'd like to weigh in on this topic.

The vet visit is an incredible value in health care.

At the expectation of most clients, the veterinary office is set up to provide needs as a general practitioner, a dentist, a pharmacy, a surgical center, and a center for several specialties (in our office in particular, this includes chiropractic, acupuncture, laser, rehab, and some orthopedics).  This requires a large staff of doctors and dedicated support personnel.

In each visit, your pet is afforded a generous amount of the veterinarian's personal attention, as well as assistance from other members of the KVet staff.

And, frankly, all of this for a reasonable fee.  Especially, if compared to the cost of comparable time with a human provider.

My wife and I each had visits with medical doctors recently.

I spent about 15 minutes in my visit with the doctor.

Marianne spent about 10 minutes with the doctor in her visit.

In both cases, we each spent over $200 out of pocket.  Just for the office visit.

The veterinary visit, by comparison, is significantly less money for the amount of time spent.

And the ancillary needs that your pet might have are also provided at the same office (naturally, at a charge for those services).

And, of course, we are back to spending time here on a Sunday.

Recently, I was trading texts with Dr. Konegger late one Saturday afternoon.

Some time during the course of that conversation, she shared with me that she was still at KVet.

Hours after finishing appointments, she was still returning phone calls and updating charts.

I'm not certain why I felt that this was the right blog post for today.

I thought that you might be interested to know that beyond the time that you see us, there is an abundance of time spent attending to you and your pet's needs.

And... I wouldn't have it any other way!


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