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Fitness Assessments

Xena is a fiercely competitive athlete.

She runs hard, and she runs strong.

Her people enter her into a variety of canine sports, and she seems to love them all.

They also provide her with the best care at home and with us.

Xena and her housemates have been with me for chiropractic care for some time now.

Occasionally, we've also worked with Xena's people to improve their home training program.

Xena's person, Sarah, asked me to do a Fitness Assessment with Xena.

Even though Xena is strong and fit, Sarah wanted to find and work on any areas of weakness or compromise that might cause her dog trouble down the road.

Last Friday afternoon, we met down at the Cabin on South Main Street.

This is KVet's previous home, and it is the current home of our rehab facility.

It was great fun challenging Xena in a variety of ways to see where there might be issues to work on.

We found a couple.

I will provide Xena's people with specific exercises, using the equipment they already have, to help Xena continue to grow and improve.

Anubis also heard about the great things he might do with a more focused home training program.

His first Fitness Assessment was also on Friday.

Even though Anubis is only 2 years old, and generally fit and healthy, we found ways that he could improve also.

Again, using the equipment that Anubis has at home, I will design a program that will help him address his problem spots.

If you are interested in a Fitness Assessment for your canine athlete, I would be happy to work with you as well.

As always, all animals that work with me at KVet must be a current patient of the clinic.  If we've not seen your canine athlete previously, one of our veterinarians will need to see them first.

Then, it's off to the Cabin!

Please, feel free to contact me directly if you have specific questions, or to set up the best time.

As athletes, there is always room for us to improve our game!


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