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Lifestyle Changes II

This is my favorite picture of Sage. 

It was taken about two years ago.

He is looking out of an open window because some noise on the street caught his attention.

After all, anything close to his house is part of his kingdom.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the lifestyle changes that we had made over the previous several months to keep Sage integrated into our life.

Sadly, this last week we got to the point where there were not enough changes to make that could keep Sage happily in our daily lives.

Last Monday, at the end of our day, Dr. Konegger helped us free Sage from the body that just could not serve him any more.

Now there are more lifestyle changes that we have to make.

As anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a beloved pet knows, getting used to their absence is a gradual adaptation.

Hopefully, each day is a little easier.

This is Sage a few days before his passing.

I had thought about not writing about Sage's passing, because I best handle my grief quietly, privately.

However, I have honored a few other dogs I had come to love when they passed.  Why not Sage?

Sage had been our nearly constant companion over the last 13 years.

During the last 2 years, he either accompanied us on our trips, or one of us stayed home.

Even though he could be very protective of us with people who were not in his pack, Sage was the perfect companion at home.

When he was a puppy, we went to a basic training class and were told that Sage was untrainable.


I have never recommended that trainer.

Sage got to travel a lot.  He helped raise our 3 children.  And he help Marianne and me become much better people.

One of the lessons that I have learned at KVet is that at the end it is so important that we put our pets' needs before our own.

As difficult as it is to let a loved one leave our daily lives, it is that much more heart breaking to watch pets suffer too long.

The lesson that Sage left us with at the end was how much his life meant to the people who knew him best.

Marianne and I have received love in the form of notes, cards, and kind words from the people closest to us and Sage.

There have been donations made in Sage's honor.

And our children let us know how much Sage meant to them.  My younger son, Jeremy, even took the time to write a long note recounting all the joyful ways that he will remember Sage.

I know that the days will get easier.

But, right now, my house is just so darn quiet!

Thank you all for indulging me one more blog about my dog.

You know that I share every part of the journey you take with your companions too.


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