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Focus on Care

Meet Lilo.

She started chiropractic care at KVet this past week.

Her picture is at the beginning of today's blog just to get people to open it.


That worked.

What I really had in mind was talking about focusing on the care that we give.

Dr. Konegger and I had breakfast together late last week.

As happens, occasionally, we have to sit down and discuss the issues that affect our businesses.

It's just a fact of being business owners.

One of the things that came up, though, was our shared commitment to the care that we provide to each patient.

Once the door to the room is closed, nothing outside the room should matter.

While you are in with me for chiropractic care (or laser, or rehab), the only thing that I am thinking about is you and your pet's needs.

I like to tell people that while I am in the room the universe exists only in that room.

I don't know if you have noticed that we rarely interrupt another's visit at KVet. 

It is very unusual for us to knock on the door to ask about another patient's concerns.  When this does happen, be assured that it was pressing.

I hope that it is always your experience with me (and KVet, generally) that there is a real focus on you, your pet, and whatever brought you in that day.

After all, I can only do one visit at a time.

And, really, what else matters?


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