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This is Lil' BD.  She passed away last week, at nearly 17 years old.

I have been fortunate to work with her family for more than 5 years.

Of the first group of dogs brought to me by this family, Lil' BD is the last to pass.

Now, however, there are more dogs from the family who are under my care (including Darwin).

I cannot speak for the veterinarians, but for me, one of the greatest complements that I get from people is when they bring another generation of pets to me for care.

There are definitely lots of ways that people complement our care.  Trusting us with care of another loved one touches me deeply.

Lydia was one of the first of her family to come and see us.

Greyson is extending their line!

(In addition to several other dogs from this family.)

Piper came to my practice at KVet very early on.  Merlin has now made his presence known with boundless energy.

(And there have been several in between *:) happy)

People often ask me if I prefer taking care of people or animals more.

It is a difficult question, since each has its rewards.

With people, I have enjoyed many relationships that have endured for many years.

Most pets do not live as long as those relationships.

Now that I have been at KVet for over 6 years, though, I am enjoying the long relationships that I am building with families across generations of great animals.

I am looking forward to those relationships for years to come.


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