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Lifestyle Changes

Sage travels with us a lot.

Also, as many of you know, Sage had his 13th birthday last week.

Getting him a ramp to help him in and out of the van is one of several lifestyle changes that we have had to make.

It keeps him traveling with us.

There are no more quick jumps in and out of the vehicle.  Now we have a process of helping him successfully get in and out of our van.

Like many of you, we are interested in preserving as much of Sage's quality of life for as long as possible.

In addition to the ramp for the van, we have runners covering all kind of slick surfaces in the house.

We thought hard wood was a great choice.

Sage, not so much.

Since Sage can no longer go up a full set of stairs without a lot of help, we have started taking him somewhere that has a facility where we can give Sage a bath. 

Just one step to get in.

And they clean up!

Dr. Konegger's dog, Gabe, is about the same age as Sage.  (Here he's rocking the laser with Saralynne in rehab.)

Those of you, who have been in the practice for some time, have, no doubt, seen this wonderful Weimaraner.

Recently, Dr. Konegger's husband built Gabe a ramp to get in and out of their house.

We are building one for Sage this week.

We are making the same kinds of accommodations for our aging dogs that lots of people make.

None of these changes seem like failures or hardships to me.

They are acts of love for the companions that put complete faith in us.

They are completely worth it!


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