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Recently, a long time client posted about my animal chiropractic work with her animals on her Facebook page.

Another person left the one word comment, "Voodoo."

Chiropractic is not voodoo, actually, but, rather the very complicated and specific application of functional neurology.

That just doesn't make much of a Facebook post.  Does it?

Occasionally, we encounter clients who are dismissive of animal chiropractic, veterinary rehabilitation, or traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (acupuncture).

Unfortunately, these opinions are usually rooted in either a lack of understanding or misinformation.

That does not, then, qualify what we do as voodoo.

There is actually an overwhelming abundance of well documented research that supports all of the modalities we use at KVet. 

That definitely includes chiropractic, veterinary rehabilitation, and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine (acupuncture).

Truthfully, though, a cascade of scientifically valid research findings would make for a rather tedious visit (or Facebook post) for most people.

That literature does, however, exist, and there is constantly more of it appearing in journals and respected texts.

We appreciate the confidence that so many people put in us. 

We hope that you accept that we are always striving to stay ahead of the best and latest information that is available to us in our fields.

Personally, I do not even mind a little skepticism.

A "show me" position is workable.

A closed mind, however, is really difficult to open.


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