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Norm Rehab

Lots of local dog people know Norm.

He is a big personality with lots of energy.

He's also a top agility athlete.

Recently, Norm hurt his shoulder, which has kept him out of the game.

To recover, and get Norm back to the top of his game, his person has been bringing Norm to do rehab with me.

The pictures show them practicing their homework exercises.

One challenge that Norm has is that he really only has 2 speeds: off (and this one is rare) and going all out (this one is much more common)!

One way that we have engaged Norm in rehab is to get him to do things that are much different than agility.

He has to move slower, hold positions, and not just bounce to the next activity.

In the underwater treadmill, he seems to think that it is also his job to bite the water.

Like Norm, lots of athletes require rehab, not only to recover from a specific injury, but also to keep their bodies functioning at a peak level.

These are challenges that we have taken on with several canine athletes at KVet.

It is fun and rewarding work for everyone involved. 

Though, Norm might prefer to be in charge of choosing the exercises.

If you are interested in this care for your canine athlete, please, contact KVet and set up an assessment with me, Dr. Halden.

(If your dog has not been to KVet previously, you will also need to see one of our veterinarians on your first visit to us.)

We will be happy to work with you, your dog, and your veterinarian to strive for the performance that you want.


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