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The only part of rehab that Kaiser really seems to enjoy is the underwater treadmill.

And he rocks it!

At Kaiser's rehab visit two weeks ago, we did the underwater treadmill first.

Then he spent the rest of the visit trying to get back into it.

So, at Kaiser's rehab visit this past week we did the underwater treadmill first, again, but let him go as long as he could.

He went longer and faster than he had previously, and even had several minutes of walking against the resistance of the jets.

I think we may have had a visit where we tired the guy out enough to even get him to relax!

Kaiser came to us a few weeks ago after having experienced a fibrocartilaginouus embolism (commonly called FCE).

This is a scary moment for any dog and their owners.  As is typical in this condition, Kaiser was romping and playing one moment, and down, not able to use his back legs, the next moment.

A piece of an intervertebral disc breaks off (it's the fibrocartilage), and blocks an artery that feeds the spinal cord.

Without proper blood flow, the cord function is then compromised.

Kaiser's people took him to an emergency vet for assessment, where the FCE diagnosis was made.

They then consulted KVet for further assistance in helping Kaiser recover.

Fortunately, recovery of the ability to walk usually is possible.

Tthe best tool for recovery from an FCE is rehab, especially the underwater treadmill.

Dr. Konneger and I were able to work together with Kaiser's people to get him into the care that he needs for as full a recovery as possible.

So far, Kaiser is rising to the challenge.  And his people have been amazing at doing his home care.

He is walking mostly on his own now.  They are only using the harness to help him in and out of their vehicle.

We are, certainly, all hopeful that Kaiser will continue to make progress toward recovery. 


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