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More about surgeries.

We worked with Karlie previously when she injured her elbow.

Now we are working with her again after she had knee (stifle) surgery at PVSEC in Pittsburgh.

After this, maybe Karlie should be wrapped in bubble wrap!

Karlie is one of several dogs in rehab currently who had surgery somewhere else.

These cases are sometimes cases that required surgery that was best referred to a specialty hospital, but we are still the best place for the post surgical rehabilitation.

Some of these cases are more complicated than that, though.

We are working with several dogs who have not had the long term outcome desired from a surgery that happened some time ago.

Either the surgeon did not recommend (or, worse, discouraged) post-surgical rehab for complete recovery, or the lack of rehab has resulted in a less than ideal outcome.

Even when that surgery was some time ago (in some cases years ago), the body still retains a great ability to strengthen and rebound.

Whatever the situation, we strive to find a regimen that will yield the desired recovery.

We look at functional outcomes (like doing the stairs, going for walks, or initiating play), as well as structural integrity (the recovering part is as strong and stable as it can be on physical exam).

This is often a fine balance between many factors, like the pet's age, general condition, and current state of the post-surgical area.  This is why all of our rehabilitation involves initial assessment and frequent reassessment with Dr. Halden, and is coordinated with one of our veterinarians. We are constantly monitoring and adapting care to your pet's current status.

The rehab technicians, Stacey and Saralynne, and I frequently touch base about pets under our care about the best way to help each individual.

Even if a lot of time has passed since your four legged friend had surgery, there are frequently ways we can help them recover further.

Each case is unique.  That's why care is taken to fully assess each pet's needs.

But with time and diligence we can help you and your animal find a better outcome.


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