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  • Health is a process, not an event.
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Health is a process, not an event.

I had an instructor years ago who taught that health is, indeed, a process, and not an event.

He was right.

Our bodies, and those of our four legged friends have ongoing needs to find the optimal balance to promote and preserve health.

We can't hope to be at some mythical place of health that does not need our attention.

And, of course, as time goes on, we often need more help maintaining our best health.

Pets, like people, require a variety of modalities to support them as individuals.

Of course, KVet has excellent veterinarians to supply the traditional care that you would expect from a veterinary office.

But there is often more that is needed in the pursuit of achieving and maintaining the healthiest state possible.

As you know, I support these efforts through Chiropractic and Physical Rehabilitation.

Dr. Konegger and Dr. Hougentogler provide Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.  While we often think of that as Acupunture, it might also include other approaches, including specialized herbal supplements.

And all of our veterinarians strive to provide the best, most advanced primary veterinary care available.

The goal, of course, is to integrate our available resources and our collective knowledge and experience in the best way possible for each and every pet we see.

We also keep ourselves in touch with how an individual's needs might change, requiring more care or a change in care.

This is the process.

We are grateful to be part of it with you.


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