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I love Cami and her intensely sweet eyes.

Cami has been coming to us for pain in a back leg, and she is progressing with chiropractic care.

Of course, that is great news, but the rest of her story touches me more.  (Hey!  I always expect patients to get better.)

Before Cami picked her (now) forever home, she had several other homes.

For whatever reasons, each home decided that this sweet girl was not a forever member of their family.

Once she got to the home where she clearly belongs, it took Cami a long to time to warm up.

She can be very shy and timid.

The first time that I saw Cami, she just stood in my office and shook. 

On our third visit together, Cami decided that it might be safe to come out into the room and be with us.

What a great day that was!

One of the ways that we've made Cami more comfortable is to always bring the same technician into the office with me.

Kelsie has been a friend of Cami's family for a long time.

She comes in the room with me just to help Cami find her feet and stand for her adjustment.  No aggression in Cami!

At each visit, we try to be as kind and soothing and patient as Cami needs us to be.

And now she is responding by starting to trust that our office is a safe place.

This breakthrough with an apprehensive patient has been so rewarding.

We, certainly, all love Cami.  It's nice that she's starting to accept that love from us.

As Cami's care progresses, we want her to feel comfortable and recover completely.

Sometimes visits take longer, but, boy, is it worth it!


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